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Here at Steel City Lids, we offer a range of Baseball Caps, Truckers Hats, Flat Caps & Beanies all with free international shipping!

Baseball Caps

Currently our most popular range, with an assortment of Colours & styles available. A typical baseball hat contains a design on the front, particularly for popular sporting teams like baseball. Originally Baseball Caps were of a fitted style, but more recently the adjustable Baseball Cap has become more popular. The majority of the range of Baseball Hats & Caps on our site are adjustable.

Typically, baseball caps will be made of six sections and are often topped with a fabric button, the hats normally also have ventilation which on the traditional style baseball cap will be threw small eyelets in the baseball hat fabric. The hat peak is typically stiffened by a sewn-in piece of paperboard or stiff plastic. The hat bill is short to medium sized and can be curved or flat in front, this is particularly useful for sun protection.


Trucker Caps

These are a variation on the traditional Baseball Hat, with the main difference being the open mesh design for ventilation and breathability. The front panel of the hat is also usually made from a foam front, which makes the trucker hat taller than most Baseball hats. The benefit of this design is that it is much more breathable and helps keep the wearer cooler in hot weather.

Trucker Caps are also often known as Snapback’s, due to the adjustable plastic on the back of the hat that allow the wearer to adjust the hat size.

Flat Caps

This style originated in England, initially known as the bonnet and currently rising in popularity. This is a distinctive style hat, usually made from Wool, Cotton or Polyester.



These are great for cold weather wear, usually made from Cotton or Wool to keep the wearer warm! These generally knitted hats, tend to be flexible and hug the wearer’s head, these can come in a huge variety of colours and choices with or without a front visor.


We try to keep our range of hats and caps to a limited range of popular styles, although we are always adding new options. If you buy from us, please help us and other customers by leaving us a product review!

If you have any questions or queries please get in contact with us through the contact us page!

Steel City Lids Team!